Dear Sponsor:

My name is Randey Daniels and I am the founder of the Randey Daniels Foundation Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, that is entirely youth & LGBTQ young adult focused, governed by a board of directors.

A world in which every child is free from pain, poverty, and inequality is the vision that drives us. We believe, that when you positively impact lives—individually, you change communities—and therefore that is our sole mission.

Currently, there are approximately 1.1 million people living with HIV. In Atlanta, there are about 35,402 people living with the virus. In 2016 alone, nationally, of the 39,782 new diagnoses, 21% or 8,451 were among youth aged between 13-24. 6,848 were among young gay and bisexual men. As of last year, 33% of students were sexually active. 23% of students attempted suicide. And these are just but a few of the many, many grim statistics indicative of the urgent need to address dire issues facing the youth today.

Therefore, the foundation will provide aid and relief to the youth between the ages of 7-17, and young adults between the ages of 18-24. The Foundation will focus on three (3) key areas from which both groups will benefit from: (1) advocating, counseling, and mentorship to victims of physical, rape, and sexual abuse, by providing free mental health counseling and one-on-one mentoring through our Heart 2 Heart™ Buddy Program (2): Capacity building programs and scholarships centered on the arts, business, and other educational models. This program will guide, sponsor, and create opportunities for those that are disadvantaged. Finally (3): In addition to food, clothing, and access to emergency housing, the foundation WILL provide HIV/STD, testing, counseling, mentoring and ACTIVELY assist with HIV/STD Prevention efforts, through our I Care™ Program. The I Care program will intently focus on providing these services to young adults between the ages of 18-24. HIV/STD prevention efforts will be provided for those that are 16 and above. The I Care ™ Program will work in conjunction with Aid Atlanta and other organizations.

Within our first ninety (90) days we aim to have five (5) people enrolled into both our Heart 2 Heart™ and I Care™ programs, provide five (5) scholarships, sign up 100 volunteers, enlist seven (7) mentors, have an established social media presence with a collective following of 2000, and launch our first food drive. Your funds will directly aid in assisting this organization with meeting the needs of the those within our focus group. Proceeds will be evenly distributed and dispersed from the foundation’s corporate account to provide aid and relief to the above-mentioned programs and causes. As such, a public report will be available.

Because of my rather large youth and young adult following—established through two years of throwing bi-monthly successful events—the foundation is able to hit the ground running, thereby effecting measurable change to a specific group of people—LGBTQ young adults—which also aligns with your organization’s commitment to reaching that specific demographic. I personally have and continue to partner with Maynard Jackson High School, Benjamin E. Mays High School, & Frederick E. Douglas Highschool respectively through their Parent Liaison Program in providing both aid and mentoring.

We are a committed to serving the community with integrity and excellence. Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to having you as a sponsor.

Kind Regards,


Randey Daniels, President of Randey Daniels Foundation


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